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I'm Mike,
welcome to my blog.

The Blog and its Purpose

I want to share my experience and knowledge about the wedding DJ business. If you want to book the perfect wedding DJ for your party, I have some detailed advice for you how to find him, how much it should cost you, what to expect and what to put in a contract.

If are you a wedding DJ or what to become one, some great stuff is here for you as well. But both sides could check out all articles as it will give you insight on both the customer as the DJ.


As a young guy, I was already fascinated by music. I played guitar for a couple of years in a lot of bands and I played music everywhere I could.

I transitioned into a full-time DJ and played a lot of parties. I did small clubs, birthday parties, sweet 16s, business parties and of course a lot of weddings.

I have my DJ business for 16 years now, doing at least 40 weddings per year. I played parties from 10 people to a few thousand.

Me, diving

Other stuff about me

I was burned in 1976, married and I love to travel the world. For those who care, I have a black belt in BJJ and I love scuba diving. I have a 9-year old daughter who I love to death.