Ebook: Dance with us!

Your manual for the perfect wedding party

You were once at a wedding that didn’t make any sense? The DJ was a disaster and the dance floor was an empty hole all night? You thought “No way! My wedding will be perfect!” With our book you have all the answers, based on years of experience to give the best wedding reception party ever.

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E-Book: Dance With Us!

The wedding of your dreams is within reach… yet if you do what’s in this book! Invest a small amount and learn how to organize a successful party, how to book the right DJ and how to make sure that the friends and family will talk about this party years later!

Wedding Reception Dream Party

Everyone dreams of a huge wedding of his or her dreams… That’s not so hard… If you do what’s in this book!

Buy now for only $9,99 and don’t miss out on your ultimate Wedding Party!

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Immediately Downloadable

After you have paid securely credit card, you can immediately download the ebook and read it digitally on any modern digital, device. (smartphone, laptop, tablet…) eBook is provided in a (printable) PDF and ePUB file, compatible with any modern e-reader on the market.

You prefer a hardcopy?

If you prefer a real book (hardcopy) instead of a downloadable e-book, you can order the book and have it delivered to you.  Click and order the hardcopy book online.

Unique Content

No ruminated, existing articles from everywhere on the internet or in magazines. Everything is put down from my own experience, based on nearly 20 years of being professional wedding DJ.

Based on 20 years of experience

I have 20 years of experience as a professional wedding DJ, where I stood in front of the dance floor weekly, and was responsible for the success of every single party

A lot of pages…

124 pages with tips, advice, DO’s and DON’Ts so you can throw the party of a lifetime!

Fun to Read

Smoothly written, with a humorous wink with quotes and featured parts that are important!

Temporarily with BONUS chapter!

Find and book the Perfect Wedding Photographer! The only chapter, written by a successful experienced wedding photographer.


Try before you BUY! You can download a FREE SAMPLE of the book, containing a few pages of every chapter.  Registration, credit card or email not needed!  Download your free sample ebook (PDF) now!


Content of the book

The Plan, The Idea, The Budget

Together we look at how you draw up your budget, how to control it (with budget tips), what can be arranged, and where the traps are. To name one, laying the social puzzle: the table arrangement

Superstar DJ Here we Go!

We look at who the DJ is, how DJs are made and why he is so important for your party!


We look at which music is suitable for your perfect party and why you should lie awake about it a bit. Just like what music you should definitely play (or your DJ anyway) and from which music you should stay far away.

The Perfect DJ

We discussed the DJ race in the previous part, but you haven’t found your ideal DJ yet. In this part of the book I will teach you how to find the best DJ for your party, what questions you need to ask in advance, how to recognize a good DJ and how much it should cost you.

Event Hosting

The right place to have your wedding event is of course very important for a beautiful wedding party. We look at what the room should meet to ensure a successful party.

The Party!

The time has come to enjoy the party. We look at its course with all its glory and pitfalls. We’re talking about masters of ceremonies, the playbook and how to get as many people as possible on the dance floor from the start.

Secret Tips!

We give you a load of golden tips on how to make sure your dance floor is full all night! We have a very large checklist of what you absolutely should do and what you should definitely not do to get as much atmosphere and dance out of your party as possible!

BONUS: The Photographer

In this BONUS part we discuss the wedding photographer and how to find it. We are talking about the ultimate photographer test, what to expect and what will it cost you.

Priceless Advice, Fun to Read,

Smoothly written, with a humorous wink with quotes and featured parts that are important!


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