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How to Avoid Fights at Your Wedding Reception (With a Working Method how to STOP a Fight Immediately!)

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You might think it doesn’t happen, but unfortunately, it does. I was it a few times happening.

Fights happen on wedding parties because of two things:

  • Alcohol consumption (way too much if it)
  • Ongoing tension in the family for whatever reason.
  • The combination of the 2 will do no good

People start drinking and drinking, and if there was already some tension between guests, it might escalate into a fight, or at least some strong discussion or yelling.

If you think people will not do this on a wedding because they will be embarrassed, think again. They are too drunk to even realize it. The day after they will feel embarrassed for sure, but it’s a little late by then.

Two baby bears fighting for fun.

If a real fight would happen, it is very bad for the vibe. Most of the time a party will recover from it, but it will take some time. People will for sure talk about it, having their own discussions, drawing them away from the dance floor.

You don’t want this on your wedding day. So make sure to keep the alcohol consumption not too high, or instruct the venue to keep an eye on this.

Avoiding the wrong people to invite

Think hard who you are going to invite to your wedding party. If you know there is a big risk in some fights, because some people in the family don’t get along, then consider not to invite them.

I realize this is not always easy or possible. If there are issues in your close family, well… you can’t just not invite your parents or brother.

If this is the case, at least talk to them beforehand and see what you can do. (Not putting them at the same table for dinner would already be a nice start…)

But if you have a distant uncle whose dog peed against the wall from another distant uncle, and they are on the verge of war since then: I would think twice before inviting them to my wedding. It’s not worth it.

Pro DJ Tip Stop a fight as soon as possible

Stop the music IMMEDIATELY and put on all the lights. (used to clean the venue).

This will make sure the 2 persons that are fighting realize everybody is watching them, and they should stop almost instantly.

If they are really not stopping because they are too aggressive or too drunk, you will have to separate them now. Be careful not to get hurt. Bast case you do this together with a few strong men.

Once they stopped fighting, separate them. Make sure to take one outside together with some relatives or friends to talk to them and calm them down. It’s important they don’t see each other for at least a few minutes.

If the 2 ninjas stopped fighting, the lights can go out and the DJ can start the music again. He can try to build the party up from scratch. He won’t be amused because it will be a though job.

I always start the music again with Kung Fu fighting – Carl Douglas. People will have a laugh. (note: very important: ONLY WHEN NOBODY GOT HURT IN THE FIGHT!)

Kung Fu Fighting after a fight

The party will have suffered and it will take time to recover. Don’t blame the DJ if it doesn’t work out anymore.

If it happens after 3 a.m. you can forget that the party is going to continue much longer.


I'm Mike, a wedding DJ for 16 years. I want to share with you as much advice as possible.