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Calculate the Size of Your Dance Floor (Automatic Online Calculator, customized based on your guests)

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Your wedding dance floor should be big enough to handle everybody that wants to dance. But it should not be too big, because it will kill the vibes to dance.

On average, 30% to 40% of people will be on the floor during the whole night. But of course there will be peaks, where probably a lot more people will be dancing. We should aim for the peak moments and make sure the floor is big enough to handle that peak.

I have created a tool that will AUTOMATICALLY calculate the size of your dance floor, based on the number of your guests, their age, and their eagerness to dance.

Dance Floor Calculator

Please fill in the form below and press the Calculate button to see the result below. You can change the settings and do it again.

Number of invited guests:

What is average the age of the guests?
The majority of the guests are below the age of 50.
The majority of the guests are over the age of 50.

How much will they dance?
We assume the guests WILL dance a lot.
We assume the guests WILL NOT dance that much.

What music will you play mostly?
We will primarily play modern music (Top40/Hip-Hip/Dance/Rock)
We will primarily play traditional ball room dances (Tango, Waltz…)

I want to see the result in
square feet.
square meter.

Click on the Calculate button to see the result here.

Formula explained how we do the calculation

  • We assume 10 square feet or 1 m² per person. It doesn’t seem much, but it’s more than enough.
  • For traditional ballroom dances, you need more: 50 per two persons (or 25 square feet per person) (this is not the industry standard!)
  • For groups of people who like to dance, for peak moments:
    • For primarily your people we assume that 70% will be on the dance floor.
    • For older people, we assume 50%.
  • For groups of people who do not like to dance much, we use 45% and 30 for older people.
  • If you want a bit more space per person, or if you have a lot of rock/metal lovers (they need more space, trust me) you can switch the “I want a bit more space per person on the dance floor” checkbox. We’ll add 25% of more space. Remember, a dance floor that is too big isn’t ideal for getting people to dance!

Dance floor space references

This table provides an overview of what I consider reasonable for dancing space. Note that for ballroom dances these are not the official measurements. But those are just ridiculously big. Trust me, you don’t need them.

Rock/Metal will also require a bit more space, as people dance on it with…more energy!

Genre Needed space in square meter per person Needed space in square feet per person
Modern/Top40/Dance/Hip-Hop 3.5 by 3.5 feet (12 square feet) 1 by 1 (1 square meter)
Heavy Rock/Metal 4 by 4 feet (16 square feet) 1.2 by 1.2 meter (1.5 square meter)
Traditional Ballroom 5 by 5 feet (25 square feet) 1.5 by 1.5 meter (2.5 to 3 square meter)

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I'm Mike, a wedding DJ for 16 years. I want to share with you as much advice as possible.